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We use the Authorised Version of the Bible (King James) . Published by the Trinitarian Bible Society. There are Bibles available for your use.  No prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary.

We sing from Metrical Psalms and Gospel Hymns. All these are available for use at the Church Services.



Welcome to Bethel Reformed Baptist Church in Hemel Hempstead, Hemel Hempstead is a town consisting of approximately 101,000 people in the County of Hertfordshire in England. We gather for worship at Nash Mills Village Hall (see above).

The Church dates back to 1818,  so in this year 2024 we are grateful to the Lord's gracious provision and preservation of 206 Years and the faithful witness of past generations.

Whether you are a Christian seeking the serious preaching of God's Word and Reverent Worship or someone who is in earnest looking for answers,  we believe that you have come to the right place to learn what God has to say in His Word, concerning Himself, ourselves and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are an Independent Strict Baptist Church. We embrace the great Biblical Doctrines of the Protestant Reformation, sometimes referred to as the "Doctrines of Grace" and most fully expressed in the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.

We would be greatly encouraged by your visit and we hope that you will find the Church to be a serious minded but warm Church committed to the Lord and His glory as is revealed through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, who died and gave Himself for His people.

On behalf of the Church Members we extend you a very warm welcome.

Pastor Chalan Hetherington

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