Church Library

A Defence of Calvinism - C.H. Spurgeon

A Faithful Minister - Thomas Brooks

A Pattern for Family Worship - Dr. David Feddes

An Overview of the Lord's Supper - Professor Charles Hodge 

The Book of Martyrs (Abridged and Expanded) - John Foxe

And That Rock Was Christ - Charles Hodge

Attendance at Public Worship - D.W.B. Somerset

Cardinal Pre-requisites of the Sermon - R.L. Dabney

Choice Devotional Selections - John Angell James

Cordials in Temporal Troubles - Henry Law

Devotional Quotations - Thomas Watson

Directions for Judging of Persons' Experiences - Jonathan Edwards

Do you go to the Prayer-Meeting? - Horatius Bonar

Do you rejoice in God's Sovereignty? - Horatius Bonar

Effectual Calling - Dr. John 'Rabbi' Duncan

God's Light on Dark Clouds - Theodore Cuyler

Glorifying God in the Fire - George Whitefield

Gospel Grounds and Evidences of the Faith of God’s Elect - John Owen

Growing in Grace - J.C. Ryle

How do you know that God exists? - Ray Murray

Human Nature in its Fourfold State - Thomas Boston

I am with you alway - John MacDuff

If some are elect, why preach? - C.H. Spurgeon

I Love the Lord's Day - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

Justification - Professor John Murray

Law and Grace - Professor John Murray

New Covenant Theology: A False Gospel - Pastor Chalan Hetherington 

Quotations on Antinomianism - Various Authors

Resolutions (1722-1723) - Jonathan Edwards

The Five Points of Calvinism - Rev. Malcolm Watts 

The  Impeccability of Christ - A.W. Pink

The Complete Olney Hymns - John Newton

The Danger of Overhead Hymns - Rev. Robert McEvoy

The Divine Philanthropist - John MacDuff

The Doctrine of Total Depravity - Ernest Reisinger

The Duties of Parents - J.C. Ryle

The Foreknowledge of God - Professor Loraine Boettner

The Knowledge of Christ Crucified - Stephen Charnock

The Life and Character of Stephen Charnock - William Symington

The Life of Thomas Watson - C.H. Spurgeon

The Plan of Salvation - Professor B.B. Warfield

The Practical Implications of Calvinism - Albert Martin

The Question of Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage - Pastor Chalan Hetherington

The Shadow of Calvary - Hugh Martin

The Sinfulness of Man's Natural State - Thomas Boston

The Sovereignty of God - Professor John Murray

The Temptation of Christ - George Whitefield

The Worst Sinners of All - Stuart Olyott

Thoughts on Augustine's View of the Will - Ernest Reisinger

Treatise on Grace - Jonathan Edwards

Unconditional Election - Professor Loraine Boettner

What about those who never hear of the Lord Jesus Christ? - Pastor Alan Tripovich

What do we owe to the Reformation - J.C. Ryle

What Shall We Sing? - Pastor Stephen Rees

Whitefield to Wesley - George Whitefield

Why Two Sunday Services? - John Benton

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