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Church Services 

We worship God with the reading of Holy Scripture, and we sing Psalms and reverent hymns. We seek to preserve the reverent and serious preaching of God's Holy Word. Worship is the response of the mind and heart to the objective truth of God's Word before God Who is all holy.

It is therefore vital that worship be reverent. Music has a tremendous power to manipulate human emotions and so we believe that we should take great care not to confuse emotional manipulation and euphoria with true spiritual worship that is temperate, sobering and pleasing to God. 

As we meet for worship our Pastor ministers the Word of God to us most Services. There are  occasional Services when visiting preachers are invited to come and preach the Word of God.

Lord's Day Morning - Sabbath School  9am - 9.45am for Children ages 5-16 Led by Pastor or a teacher.

Lord's Day Morning Prayer Meeting: 10am - 10.20am - Usually led by the Pastor 

Lord's Day Morning Service: 10.30am - Usually led by the Pastor - We take up an offering during the morning service.

Lord's Day Evening Service:  6pm  - Usually led by the Pastor

Midweek Service and Prayer Meeting - Tuesdays at 7.30 pm - Usually led by the Pastor

Young Peoples Meetings - Monthly 3pm Saturday afternoons.

Ordinance of the Lord's Table is a Strict Baptist Communion. We meet at separate times for the Lord's Table once a month. Visitors please inquire with the Pastor if you wish to partake.  The Scriptures teach that those who met around the Lord's Table, were those who had submitted to baptism upon repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and who were joined to the Church in formal enduring Church membership. The Church practices a Biblical Strict Baptist Communion.

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